Alcove Shelving Units are becoming more and more popular with our clients and with good reason. A look at our Alcove Shelving Units Dublin page will show you what you can do with your Alcove space in your home. From book shelves to shelving units for photographs or display items, transforming your alcove space can turn your sitting room into an eye-catching room in the house. Alcove Shelving Units are our speciality. They are what we started out doing and as such we have built up a great expertise and indeed reputation in providing a professional service to our very loyal clients.

Alcove Shelving Units are installed into room niches as part of the wall.  WoodMode Custom Carpentry designs them to match the room style. This means the units become decorative house fixtures. Our units give an elegant look which is both stylish and adds a timeless charm. We recommend to our clients to go for neat, well-balanced, natural lines to reveal the beauty in your home. The Alcove Shelving Units can come in variety of white, grey, ivory and cream colours and in many soft tones.

The cabinets below the Alcove Units can provide a good storage option. Another alternative for the cabinet is to store electronic equipment.  The standard cabinet unit usually contains one or two interior shelves. These cabinets give a practical space for a DVD player, a gaming device or music equipment. The top of the cabinet can be used for TV or some decorative lamps if you wish. The doors can be installed on traditional or concealed hinges. We offer the variation of styles depending on your prefered taste. The upper shelving units can have many functions. Not only for storing book, this shelves can also be a great place for displaying photos or memorabilia. The standard shelving unit has three shelves above the cabinet.

We serve all of the greater Dublin area with our Alcove Shelving Units, Under Stairs Storage and Wall Panelling services.