With more and more people both having the option and indeed choosing to work from home the need for home office design has massively increased. We at WoodMode specialise in this type of redesign carpentry work. Many are now choosing to use a small bedroom or indeed space on their landing as a home office. We can offer advice on any space that you would like to use giving you options on what is possible. What is becoming increasingly popular is the conversion of their attic space into an home office. This usually gives you a lot of space to work with.

Why A Home Office?

There are many reason for a home office in your home.

  • Many of us now due to the incorporation of technology into our lives use PC’s or laptops on a regular basis at home.
  • Many companies offer their employees the option to work from home.
  • Many start-up companies begin as a home industry.

This has resulted in the inclusion of a home office as a necessity in most homes.

What Can Be Included In My Home Office Design?

To be honest, pretty much anything. We at WoodMode can design your home office to suit your needs whatever they may be. Do you require a lot of desktop space for hardware and printers? Do you require bookshelves for books and files? Or maybe you require many drawers for storage? We can accommodate your requests and design a home office that not only meets your needs but one that you look forward to working in.

What Is Important In A Home Office Design?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the design of a home office. For starters, ergonomics is of paramount importance. The desk and PC height must be at a level that is comfortable for your body. Your arms should be at 90 degrees to the desk and your eyes should be level with the screen. These along with many other factors determine how we design your home office. Of course, your requirements are the most important factor when designing your home office.

How Do I Start My Home Office Design?

Simply contact WoodMode on 087-1304024 or by completing our contact form and we will arrange a free consultation where we will advise on you new home office.