Radiator covers are becoming more popular amongst our customers. These stylish carpentry pieces turn an unsightly radiator into a feature in your room which has both a practical and functional aspect to it. We at WoodMode specialise in radiator covers in the Dublin area. We can offer advice to you on radiator covers from shape, style and colour. 

Why Use A Radiator Cover?

There are many reason for a home office in your home.

  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Efficient use of space.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

What Style Can I Have?

We have many styles of radiator cover to choose from. Have a look at our radiator covers Dublin page where we will regularly be uploading photos of recent projects. We can design your radiator cover to suit your radiator size and then we can design the cover to your requirements. Do you need a large depth to use the cover as storage space? So you need the cover to be the same colour as another feature in your room? Do you have a radiator low to the floor that you would to have a seat over? All of these considerations will be discussed when planning and recommending what to do in your room. We can accommodate your requests and design a radiator cover that not only meets your needs but one that you will be glad to chose to install.

What Is Important In A Radiator Cover Design?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the design of a radiator cover. Of importance is the accessibility to the radiator in case of a leak or if the radiator needs to be bled. Another consideration is to design the cover that the heat can escape and hence heat the room. We also design your radiator cover to withstand the heat of the radiator which is a necessity. Of course, the most important aspect in the design of your radiator cover are your requirements and this is what we focus on the most. 

How Do I Start My Radiator Cover Design?

Simply contact WoodMode on 087-1304024 or by completing our contact form and we will arrange a free consultation where we will advise on you new home office.