Fitted wardrobes have always been a very popular way of making maximum use of space in your home. The importance of a well fitted wardrobe cannot be underestimated. What we store in this space is what we wear each day and what image we portray to the world. It is important that the arrangement of our wardrobe space is such that we have easy access to the clothes we wear most. In addition, there must be practical storage for these items also.

Shoe Storage For the Ladies.

If you ask a lady what their most prized possessions are they will more than likely say their shoes! With this in mind we design our fitted wardrobes to fit our clients needs. Very often this involves storage for ladies shoes. We can design your wardrobe to have practical storage for shoes whether they be high heels or flats. We can incorporate sliding drawers to store these very often expensive pieces of footwear.

Suits, Suits, Suits.

If you ask any man what is most valuable item of clothing is they will inevitably say their suits. With this in mind we can design your fitted wardrobe to store both your day-to-day suits and occasion suits. We design it in such a way that the daily suits are easily reachable and the occasion suits have enough space to ensure that they do not become damaged. And also for the men we can incorporate shoe storage as well. It’s not just the ladies who can have expensive footwear!

Walk-In Wardrobes.

What has become almost a requirement for people buying new builds these days are walk-in wardrobes. These practical, well designed storage spaces can mean the difference between starting your day stressed out or relaxed! We design all of our walk-in wardrobes to suit our clients needs. Taking all the above suggestions into our design and adding any the customer may have will result in a stunning feature in your home. Whether it’s a new build walk-in wardrobe that you would like redesigned or indeed an existing home that you are redesigning to incorporate a walk-in wardrobe we can help you.

WoodMode can help make your dream a reality by designing a walk-in wardrobe that you will love for years to come. Contact us today at 087-1304024 or and arrange a free consultation.